Vita Magasinet

History in the making since 1823

Vita Magasinet

Vita Magasinet is located in the heart of Karlholmsbruk and finds it roots in the establishment of the iron works in 1727 by Charles De Geer.
In 1823 the warehouse was fully renovated and got the look and feel it still has today.

Vita Magasinet continued to be the ironworks place for the workers and locals of Karlholm to buy not only grain but also beer and tobacco (snus) and be the backdrop of many Midsummer celebrations. In the 50’s the new owner Karlit AB turned Vita Magasinet in a creative recreation place with sports and arts at the heart of the building for the people of Karlholm.

The journey continued with the Swedish Church taking the guardianship of the building in the late eighties.

And now, it is time for a new chapter for Vita Magasinet …

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